A Message from the President
1 January 2019

SARCA Colleagues,

We, the SARCA Executive Committee, hope you had a great Holiday and are looking forward to a very prosperous and productive 2019!

I would like to provide you an update of our progress to re-energize SARCA and let you know of several initiatives we are exploring.  We are seeking feedback from SARCA members and potential members before we pursue too many initiatives.  We will need member support and we certainly don’t want “to get out over our skis” and commit to activities without sufficient manpower to follow through.

I have had several conversations with Franklin Childress, Deputy Director of Army Reserve Communications.  He is very supportive of our initiative to re-energize SARCA.  We continue to explore opportunities to promote SARCA and engage with Army Reserve Leadership.  We will be attending the Veteran Service Organization/Military Service Organization (VSO/MSO) meeting on 30 January.  This is a great opportunity for us to network with other organizations and get the word out about SARCA.  While there is currently no scheduled Army Reserve Commander’s conference, the Army Reserve is in the planning stage for an Ambassador Conference scheduled for third quarter.  I offered that SARCA would be willing to host a “meet and greet” during the conference.  I know several of you serve as Army Reserve Ambassadors and may have more current information, just let us know. 

ROA will conduct their National Council and Leader Conference 16-19 March 2019 in Washington, DC.  SARCA has a meeting scheduled for Monday, 18 March at 1515.  We are exploring potential guest speakers and will also conduct a business meeting.  We hope to have a good turnout especially if you reside near the DC area.

We would also like to conduct “meet and greet” opportunities for SARCA members and potential members that reside in the DC area, perhaps inviting guest speakers to provide professional development opportunities. 

One of SARCA's core pillars is to serve as a venue for professional development opportunities for not only the senior leaders of the Army Reserve but leaders at all levels.  We can offer military and civilian leaders the platform to discuss and brainstorm initiatives, current and future, as well as develop legislative priorities.  We potentially could be a resource for position papers to provide feedback to Army Reserve leaders on important subjects.

We will develop these opportunities over the next several months and will continue to market  SARCA’s capabilities, taking some small steps to address the needs of the Army Reserve and our fellow colleagues.  We need your help to achieve these goals and welcome your suggestions and opportunities to promote SARCA.  We have made some progress, but need to keep up the effort!

Of note, we are currently updating the website and will send the link when it is up and running.  Bob Fritz has been a great help and will continue to maintain the site for us.  Thank you so much, Bob!

Please contact us with suggestions and feedback.   Our contact information is below.

Thanks for your support and involvement!

Rita M. Broadway
Major General, USA (Ret.)

SARCA Executive Committee:
     MG (Ret) Rita M. Broadway, President                mgrmb1@gmail.com
     MG (Ret) Razz Waff, Vice-President                    razzw@aol.com
     COL (Ret) Joe Moravec, Secretary                      
     COL (Ret) Douglas J. Lamude, Treasurer             douglamude@hotmail.com
     COL (Ret) Anthony Kanellis, Executive Director     tony.kanellis@gmail.com
     COL (Ret) Robert G. Fritz, Webmaster                 robert@rgfritz.org

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