(as of 22 January 2020)

SARCA is a private association whose mission is to support the United States Army Reserve in its role as a vital part of the Army, and to develop and mentor senior leaders of the USAR and provide a forum for dialogue among senior USAR leaders.

One of SARCA's core pillars is to serve as a venue for professional development opportunities for not only the senior leaders of the Army Reserve but leaders at all levels.  We can offer military and civilian leaders the platform to discuss and brainstorm initiatives, current and future, as well as develop legislative priorities

SARCA meetings provide an opportunity for members to have open and collegial discussion with Army and DoD senior leaders, as well as speakers from outside the military community to help shape the future Army Reserve through such discussions.  Unlike many official conferences where hard questions are discouraged, at SARCA questions and expressions of opinion about the critical topics of the day are encouraged.

We work closely with AUSA, ROA, and other military associations to help ensure effective legislative action in support of the needs of the Army Reserve and its soldiers.

Lines of Effort:

- Conduct Professional Development programs aimed at the needs of Army Reserve Colonels and General Officers (currently serving and retired)

- Encourage members to mentor and bring promising field grade officers to our programs to help prepare them to become the senior leaders of the future.

- Provide networking among senior Army Reserve officers (currently serving and retired).

- Build membership through personal contacts of current members

Vision: SARCA is recognized as the Professional Organization of senior Army Reserve officers.

Members are welcome to send comments/suggestions for improvement to the Executive Director.

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