President's Award 

In 1992, SARCA President Felix A. Santoni created the President's Award, designed to honor those individuals rendering extraordinary service to the Senior Army Reserve Commanders Association. Selection is made by the President based upon personal observation and knowledge of the circumstances meriting such recognition.  The following officers have been honored with this award.


1993    MG George V. Bauer
1994    (No award)
1995    COL Patrick W. Carlton
1996    Hon.  William D. Clark
1997    COL Ted B. Baer
1998    BG N. Bruce Burdett
1999    (No award)
2000    COL Bernard M.  Cullen
2000    COL Robert G. Fritz
2001    Ms. Janet Carlton
2001    COL Frank Edens
2002    LTC Kevin Riedler
2004    MG Paul Bergson
2004    COL Douglas Lamude
2005    (No award)
2006    Ms. Elisabeth Riedler



Legislator of the Year

This award was established in 1988 and was first presented by SARCA's President MG Guilford J. Wilson to recognize distinguished service on behalf of the National Defense by a U. S. Senator or Congressman. Such service will generally have occurred over a considerable period of time and have been of sufficient importance to merit the attention of SARCA's membership. Nominations are received from SARCA members in good standing.  The following legislators have been honored:


1988          Representative Beverly Byron (D-MD)
1989         (No award)
1990         (No award)
1991         Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC)
1992         Representative John P. Murtha (D-PA)
1993         Representative Dave McCurdy (D-OK)
1994         Representative Ike Skelton (D-MO)
1995         Senator Robert J. Dole (R-KS)
1996         Representative Greg Lauglin (R-TX)
1997         Representative Steve Buyer (R-IN)
1997         Representative Paul McHale (D-PA)
1998         Representative Floyd D. Spence (R-SC)
1999         Representative C. W. Bill Young (R-FL)
2000         Representative Gene Taylor (D-MS)
2001         Representative Neil Abercrombie (D-HI)
2002         (no award)
2003-04    Representative Lindsey Graham (R-SC)