SARCA Hall of Fame 

In 1994 the Association's Hall of Fame was established to "recognize members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to SARCA's mission, programs, and ideals. Further, it is to serve as an inspiration to all SARCA members to emulate the efforts `beyond the call of duty' put forth by those achieving this distinction." Recipients are chosen by a Presidentially-appointed Awards Committee, which receives nominations and makes selections based upon the following criteria: (1) Unselfish dedication to SARCA; (2) SARCA chairs and committee assignments held; (3) Political involvement on SARCA's behalf; (4) History of Army Reserve participation; (5) Membership in military organizations; (6) Civilian career; (7) Community standing, civic involvement, and leadership in outside organizations. Nominations are received from members in good standing. 

The following officers have been inducted into the SARCA Hall of Fame:  


1995    MG  Strom Thurmond
1995    MG  Julius O. Adler
1995    MG  William P. Levine
1995    MG  Laddie L. Stahl
1995    MG  Guilford J. Wilson
1995    MG  Benjamin J. Butler
1995    BG Raymond M. Jacobson
1995    COL Wilfred L. Ebel
1995    MG  Henry Mohr
1995    MG  John W. Kaine
1996    MG  Louis D. Burkhalter
1996    MG  Ernest L. Massad
1996    MG  Felix A. Santoni
1997    MG  Evan L. Hultman
1997    MG  Theodore W. Paulson
1998    MG  George V. Bauer
1999    MG  Max Baratz
1999    MG  Paul G. Rehkamp
1999    COL Patrick W. Carlton
2000    MG  William R. Berkman
2000    MG  William F. Ward
2001    BG Lewis M. Helm
2001    MG  William Sutton II
2002    COL Eileen Bonner
2002    MG Robert Lame
2003    LTG Thomas J. Plewes
2003    MG  John T. Crowe

2006    MG Joe M. Ernst
2006    MG Donald Campbell
2007    MG Ronald L.Lowe
2007    COL Douglas J. Lamude
2008    MG Paul C. Bergson

2009    BG Gary Profit
2010    MG Richard O. Wightman
2014    MG Robert Silverthorn
2015    MG Rita Broadway
2016    MG Paul Mock