SARCA Membership Dues have been suspended through at least 2020. 
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Article II of the  SARCA Bylaws states:

Section1.  The following shall be eligible for membership in the Corporation:

          A.  Active: Active General Officers and Colonels of the U. S. Army Reserve.  (Active includes all members of the USAR who are not assigned to the Retired Reserve and who are not drawing retired pay based on Army service, and includes USAR officers who have been mobilized or otherwise ordered to active duty.) 

B.  Retired: General Officers and Colonels of the USAR who are members of the Retired Reserve or who are drawing retired pay based on Army service.

            C.    Promotable Lieutenant Colonels: Lieutenant Colonels of the USAR who have been selected and confirmed for promotion to the grade of Colonel, provided that they have not declined promotion or otherwise been removed from the promotion list.  Such officers shall not be eligible for lifetime membership or to hold office in the Corporation until their promotion to Colonel. 

Annual Dues:                   

Life Memberships:

General Officer (Pay Status) $175   Retired (or "gray area") Officers $500
General Officer (Non-Pay Status/Retired)  $55   TPU, IMA, AGR, IRR Officers 
     Optional Three-Year Plan:
                                        1st year
                                        2nd year
                                        3rd year

Colonel (Pay Status) $125  
Colonel (Non-Pay Status $55  
Lt. Colonel(Promotable)  (Pay Status) $125